Covid: The New Normal

I’ll basically use common sense and make sure you feel comfortable. 

To make sure we’re all okay I’ll check if you or anyone in your household has Covid symptoms or are vulnerable, isolating or shielding. 

We’ll have to postpone if anyone has symptoms. 

When I work with you I’ll wear plastic shoe covers and disposable gloves. Even with gloves I’ll only touch things on a needs must basis.  I can wear a mask if you want me to. 

I will bring my own hand sanitiser, flannel & soap. 

Don’t worry about offering a cuppa or food – I’ll bring bits for myself and take any breaks outside your home if you’d prefer. 

If it’s not uncomfortable for you it would be great if you could leave windows and doors open – even better would be if we could sort things outside or in a larger room. 

Whenever possible I will maintain a 2 metre distance between us. Other options, for less than 15 minutes, include working back to back. 

When I leave I will wipe down the surfaces I’ve been working on and door handles. 

Feel free to give me a call to chat about the logistics.

I’m here to do whatever makes you feel safe.