07890-d77c0f435c728a944984234119ade86a.jpgI had the pleasure of helping get this beautiful mid terrace house (though I’d like to describe it as a cottage), up on the South Pennine moors,  ready to put on the market. It has a lovely feel to it – and the views are amazing. The property is now live – and really worth a look at… (see link at bottom)


And received some lovely words from my client:

“Hi Sarah – I’d just like to thank you for all your help

07890-dcbc9f83d9a2c8b43a920062814ed444.JPGwith the organising and sorting in my home, helping me put finishing touches together so I was ready to sell – your help in the final push made all the difference!”







See more photos  & property details here

A lovely lady

“Sarah’s emotional support and practical help was invaluable in the process of packing up years worth of house and moving.”


“Sarah has done a fantastic job with my flat and I love that now things have homes that didn’t before – it will be so useful. The whole exprience of having my house organised has done wonders to help my mental health.”


It was actually one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences of my life, and one of the best things I’ve ever spent money on. Worth every penny.

Sarah was perfect for me and we were completely of the same mind and found each other very easy to work with.  I am so loving the peace in my home and within myself.

I wrote this poem for Sarah because I was so over the moon by the way she transformed my house. She is entirely wonderful and I am eternally grateful to her. This is the best thing I ever did for myself. Thanks so much Sarah!

Sarah Myers

Never tires

Of putting things straight

That were in a right state!

She’s superwoman in disguise

With the mystic power to organise

And creates wonderful spaces

Out of very cluttered places

She is the hardest worker

And definitely not a shirker

Like magic she makes things disappear

That were never used or needed here

And leaves a beautiful atmosphere

To Sarah: I give three cheers!



Thank you again Sarah. I have appreciated you being part of my ‘New beginning turn around’… I  believe that you have good emotional listening skills with unimposing encouragement which I have experienced as a help in the supporting of the decision making over letting go of individual objects… making it light rather than heavy experience… helping decluttering to be a pleasant process. Hope in exchange for clutter.

Caroline D

Thanks so much for helping me to get my paperwork under control Sarah! You were kind but fearless as we systematically worked our way around the office, dealing with what had felt overwhelming. Burning that huge pile of old bills etc on the fire that evening was so satisfying. Thanks again.


This lady is amazing. I’m very much a hoarder and whilst being ruthless Sarah gently lets you know that you don’t need 25 mismatched Tupperware items etc, she is a miracle worker, thanks Sarah x


We enlisted Sarah at Clutter Cleansing’s help when we moved to a new house and she was amazing!

We were moving into our newly renovated home and had put many of our possessions in storage whilst the work was carried out. We considered ourselves to be a tidy and non-cluttered family, as we’d found a tidy place for every possession in our old home.

Sarah worked with us to ensure we didn’t ‘clutter’ our new home from the start. She was kind, honest and a really good sounding board to help us truly understand what was ‘valuable / important’ to us and what was simply clutter / hoarding.

We were all astonished with the amount of ‘stuff’ we’d amassed over the years which we thought was essential, valuable or important to us, but Sarah helped us to see our ‘stuff’ differently.

Interestingly, if we’d have worked with Sarah before we put our stuff in storage, we’d have only needed one storage unit rather than 2 and would have saved ourselves £780 over the year!!!

I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah to de-clutter your home / office / one room. She made the whole experience calm, quick and enjoyable. I’ve recommended her to other family and friends who have also been delighted with Sarah.


Sarah is a very warm person who relishes finding the practical solutions that people need. She is a great lateral thinker and will work with you to identify what you want to change and how best to make it happen. And then she makes it happen!