I’m a calm, down-to-earth and friendly mother of two based in West Yorkshire.


I’m a Move Manager, Professional Declutterer & Organiser.

I’ve felt the ups and downs of life so can understand the reasons why ‘stuff’ may be taking over or stopping you from making a fresh start.

Do you feel…

Overwhelmed but don’t know where to start?

Your home causes you stress rather than being your sanctuary?

Life’s paperwork is a burden or leaves you frustrated?

You waste time looking for lost things?

You have nothing to wear but you own a wardrobe full of clothes?

There are niggly jobs which you just can’t get round to doing?

You’d love to move house but don‘t have the energy?

A collection or hobby has become out of control?

Are you spending a fortune on a storage unit each month?

Clutter Cleansing is here to help. I’ve personal experience of all of these issues so can sensitively support you, in a non-judgemental way.

I can support you, and help in a practical way, to reintroduce order, control and harmony into you life.

I’m passionate about enabling people to live a simpler life by living with less. By removing the physical clutter you will feel your mental clutter ease too.

I’ve successfully helped people, at different stages in their lives, to move house, declutter and organise their living and work spaces.

Projects include –  sensitively clearing a house after a bereavement; helping people downsize; creating a capsule wardrobe; managing family photos (from slides to digital collections) then creating photo books; alphabetically ordering a record collection; decluttering many rooms (from basements to lofts) and even cars.

I will remove what ever you need me to. Ideally I take things to the charity shop of your choice or recycle, but I’m also willing to take things to the tip.

Whatever area you need support with I will bring energy, encouragement, advice and support as well as practical and physical help.

Let me help you make space for the things which really matter. And I promise to make it a rewarding and stress free process.

I’m friendly, calm, non-judgemental, confidential and I quite like spiders too!

I charge £35 an hour, but may negotiate under special circumstances.

I’m professionally trained by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), which I’m a member of The Senior Move Partnership.

The experiences of all my clients remain confidential.

I cover an area roughly within an hour’s drive of Hebden Bridge – so Calderdale, West & North Yorkshire, Leeds, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

My work is fully insured and I’m DBS checked.

Please call 07966 788342 for a chat.

Here’s a link to my Move Management Service