About me

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Hello – I’m Sarah Myers – a mother of two. I live in Hebden Bridge in the South Pennines. I’m down-to-earth, calm, friendly and able to find the positives in any situation.

I love helping people and want to make a difference. If I see something needs doing I step in and enjoy working out the logistics.

I’ve worked as both a primary school teacher and journalist.

I use subtlety and tact when discussing difficult issues. I approach every person with sensitivity and the upmost respect. I quickly build trustful relationships with people from all walks of life. I treat everyone equally. When I was teaching the parents described me as calm, helpful and understanding.

I’ve written about people’s unique personal experiences such as having multiple miscarriages, near death experiences, children abducted, going blind or being diagnosed with cancer when pregnant. I feel privileged that people trust me with their stories.

When interviewing people I’m given ‘off the record’ information which I’ve kept undisclosed. When teaching I was exposed to private family details or child protection issues which I kept strictly confidential.

On a fluffier note, in my former life I was interiors editor for Sunday Times Style magazine and wrote about houses (and decluttering) for The Daily Mail, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Good Housekeeping and Living Etc. This gave me access to some amazing homes. And yes, there’s a lot of fiddling and hiding the cr*p of everyday life before the glossy photos are taken!

I’m believe in making life as simple as possible. You don’t have to spend lots of money on buying new stuff to improve your home – in fact taking stuff out and just being left with what you love and what works for you can be actually more satisfying.

My own house isn’t perfect – I’m still trying to live with less. And I hate losing things so need to know where things ‘live’ which involves training up the rest of my family too!

I’d love to support you. I’ll be alongside you as you embrace this change. It might involve some doubts and tears but we’ll get to relief, smiles and simply feeling better.