We enlisted Sarah at Clutter Cleansing’s help when we moved to a new house and she was amazing!

We were moving into our newly renovated home and had put many of our possessions in storage whilst the work was carried out. We considered ourselves to be a tidy and non-cluttered family, as we’d found a tidy place for every possession in our old home.

Sarah worked with us to ensure we didn’t ‘clutter’ our new home from the start. She was kind, honest and a really good sounding board to help us truly understand what was ‘valuable / important’ to us and what was simply clutter / hoarding.

We were all astonished with the amount of ‘stuff’ we’d amassed over the years which we thought was essential, valuable or important to us, but Sarah helped us to see our ‘stuff’ differently.

Interestingly, if we’d have worked with Sarah before we put our stuff in storage, we’d have only needed one storage unit rather than 2 and would have saved ourselves £780 over the year!!!

I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah to de-clutter your home / office / one room. She made the whole experience calm, quick and enjoyable. I’ve recommended her to other family and friends who have also been delighted with Sarah.