Me in action working on a wardrobe… (not much reading, lots of pictures)

Today I had the pleasure of working with the photographer Matt Radcliffe, and his lovely wife Janine, to declutter and sort their wardrobes.


Whilst I was there Matt took these great shots of me in action which show some of the process. (As it’s my blog I’ve edited out all the shots where I look like my mum and my hands are super wrinkled…)

So first we got all the clothes out.


Then we discussed what to keep and what to donate to charity


Then we grouped all the clothes in like piles – so t-shirts, jumpers, trousers (or pants as they’re called up here)…

Then we did a second edit. Most people get tired at this point and want to give up!


We then put back the clothes in a logical order which meant hanging skirts, dresses, shirts and blouses (together in sections) in the wardrobe and then folding t-shirts, jumpers, sportswear and jeans and putting them in the drawers.

I taught them the Marie Kondo folding method…


Which meant Matt and Janine could easily see what clothes they had and fit more into the drawers – which didn’t matter too much as they actually had far less to fit back into them.

We bagged up all the clothes and all the excess coat hangers which were no longer needed.



Then we loaded all the bags into the back of my car to deliver to a local Oxfam Shop. Janine said this was the best bit.

When we arrived and opened the car boot for the big reveal the man working there said we’d made his day ….


Matt was so relaxed and chatty throughout the whole process I forgot he was taking pictures – which is what you want if you hate having your photo taken like me.

Check out Matt’s great work at:




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